Touch and Love in Therapy

I'm perplexed, nervous, and also excited by some changes happening in my therapy. Curious y'alls thoughts, experiences. I've been seeing my therapist for about 2 years. We've always sat on opposite sides of the room (or have been virtual). Recently she has offered to come sit by me on the couch. I declined because closeness [...]

My Precious Child

There has been an inner storm brewing, I think, for quite a while now. Slow building insights, tiny little gut punches. I've sort of pocketed it all away. Watched the gray clouds pass overhead, waiting for meaning to make itself. I think that time came; something clicked into place today as one of my therapists [...]

Passed my Counselor Exam

Y'all (pardon my lapse into total Texan territory), I am so excited!!! I passed the NCE (National Counselor Exam)! I didn't get a chance to study because of the whole pregnant the last 9 months of school (worn the heck out) and then learning how to be a mom these last 3 months. All my [...]

Planning Birth as a survivor of SA

TW: talk of sexual assault/rape, please be in a safe place with support if this may act as a trigger. As you likely know by now, if you've read my previous posts, I am currently "as big as a house" pregnant. (Okay, okay, 35 (almost 36) weeks pregnant). I am discovering that as my estimated [...]

BPD and Boundaries

Forewarning, I am about to say some controversial shit! The general consensus when working with or being in relationship with someone who has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) is to have strong boundaries. What this often translates into is rigid boundaries. And, let me tell you, if that isn't the worst thing I've seen for people [...]

Game Face

This week was my second week of Spravato treatments and my last week on the starter dose. Next week we increase. I'm nervous. On the low dose, I'm able to function through the effects of the medication. I keep my game face on; I work, see a few clients, teach my yoga, and attend to [...]

Spravato: A Personal Account

Hi friends, it has been ages since I've posted, huh? Life has been busy and I admit I've been neglecting my blog. I started working at a domestic violence shelter and crisis line. I've continued offering yoga classes for trauma survivors. And, I've been completing my first section of advanced practicum. It has been an [...]